115kg : 5.5m/s @ 115 : Sup Air X-tra Light : Large : 28.9m² : 1.35kg pack : more info : £650

120kg : 5.13m/s @ 120 : GIN Yeti : Large 40 : 40m² : 1.72kg pack : more info : £499

120kg : 4.7m/s @ 120 : Independence EVO cross 120 : Medium : 36.81m² : 1.9kg pack : more info : £510

120kg : 4.7m/s @ 120 : Ozone Angel SQ 120 : Large : 34.8m² : 1.5kg pack : more info : £550

125kg : 5.1m/s @ 125 : Independence ULTRA cross 125 : Medium : 33m² : 1.2 kg packmore info : £750

126kg : 4.8m/s @ 126 : GIN Yeti cross #38 : Large : 38m² : 1.7 kg packmore info : £580

130kg : 4.5m/s @ 130kg : GIN one-G : Large 42 : 42m² : 2.4kg pack : more info : £379

135kg : 5.5m/s @ 135 : Sup Air Light : Large : 32.5m² : 1.85kg pack : more info : £542

130kg : 5.67m/s  (5.5@120kg) : Independence Annular Evo 22 : Medium : 36m² : 1.8kg pack : more info : £460

140kg : 5.24m/s @ 140kg : Ozone Angel 140 : Large : 37m² : 2kg pack : more info : £480

150kg : 5.1m/s @ 150kg : Independence ULTRA cross 150 : Large : 40.3m² : 1.6 kg pack : more info : £800

160kg : 6.2m/s  (5.5@135kg): Independence Annular Evo 24 : Large : 40m² : 2.0kg pack : more info : £500

160kg : 5.5m/s @ 155 : Independence EVO cross 160 : Large : 41.12m² : 2.4kg pack :  more info : £545

180kg : 5.4m/s @ 180kg : GIN Yeti : X-Large 50 : 50m² : 2.6kg pack :  more info : £649

230kg : 6.1m/s  (5.5@195) : Independence Annular Evo 30 : Tandem : 65m² : 3.1kg pack :  more info : £595


Reserve Chutes


Powerfloats & Vario Altimeter

Tandem / Trike Reflex 36


Reserve Rescue Chutes shown in Capacity Weight Order


Descent rate : specs : Price

2.4m --

-- 7.0 m/s

1.3 m --

-- 5.0 m/s

1.5 m --

-- 5.5 m/s

-- 4.5 m/s

1.1 m --

EN Certified

max 5.5 m/s

LTF Certified

max 6.7 m/s

Equivalent free fall jump height

Sink rate


Sink rate certification guide

Our Reserve Chute Advice.

We always aim for a balance between pack size and reserve chute size, larger is better. Take note of the descent rates for your all up weight. With a paramotor the EN certificated maximum sink of 5.5 meters per second is a must. It is the equivalent jump height of 1.5m (5 feet) which is a fair drop with a paramotor on your back. The most accurate way of getting your all up weight is not with a calculator, it is standing on the scales all kitted up with your wing in hand.

4.7 m/s EVO Cross/Ozone Angel SQ

A benefit of our ultra light weight paramotors is the ability to carry a smaller lighter reserve chutes yet still be within good safe descent rates.

Independence EVO cross

Independence EVO cross 120 :

Medium : 36.81m² : 1.9kg pack : 120kg :

4.7m/s @ 120 : more info : £510

EVO front container :  £60

  1. Fast opening time, *40% below the approved limit of 5 sec

  2. Lowest sink rate, *15% below the certification limits of 5,5 m/s

  3. No oscillation, High opening safety, Low weight

  4. Fabric in orange signal colour. *cross 120.

Independence EVO cross 160 :

Large : 41.12m² : 2.4kg pack : 160kg :

5.5m/s @ 155 : more info : £545

EVO Cross benefits from a Parabolic shape that gives it forward flight = reduced sink.

Slow Descent Rate of 4.7 m/s

Independence Ultra Cross

Independence ULTRA cross 125 : Medium : 33m² : 1.2 kg pack : 125kg : 5.1m/s @ 125 : more info : £750

Independence ULTRA cross 150 : Large : 40.3m² : 1.6 kg pack : 150kg : 5.1m/s @ 150 : more info : £800

Following from the success of the EVO cross, Independence have released a light version of this already light reserve chute.

The Ultra Cross. the 125kg version with its tiny pack size weighs in at only 1.2kg.. Some great news for heavier pilots, the ULTRA Cross comes in a 150kg version, again small pack size, only 1.6kg and a respectable descent of 5.1 m/s.

  1. Extremely fast opening - up to 40% below admissible value of 5 seconds

  2. Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions

  3. No pendulum movements at descent

  4. High opening certainty even in case of spiral dive or negative rotations

  5. Very light due to uncoated 22g 10D material

  6. Yellow fabric

  7. Certified according to LTF/ 91/09 and EN 12491

Defined outlet ports at each corner as well as a slightly asymmetric canopy, lead to a steady flow around the canopy, which provides outstanding pendulum stability.

Lightest Reserve at

1.2 kg

Best Value 140kg reserve chute

140kg : 5.24m/s @ 140kg : Ozone Angel 140 : Large : 37m² : 2kg pack : more info : £420

Everyone needs an Angel... even though no one really wants to use theirs. However, the fact is that when the time comes, the most important factors are safety and stability with a low sink rate for a gentle and controlled descent. The Angel 140 is certified to 140kg, meaning that even a pilot with a total in-flight weight of 140kg will have a stable descent of near or less than the tested result of 5.24m/s, and most pilots will have a slower descent with this size. The high stability and low sink rate, coupled with its affordable price and light weight make it a safe and popular choice for pilots of all abilities.

SupAir EVO side harness rescue pod, it replaces the removable side pocket with a reserve container £60

(fits reserves of 2kg or under)

7mm Maillon £12

Soft Link £10

Y bridle £20

Wide 420N U-shape £190

2Bsure twin 300N £215

2Bsure XL 900N


The powerfloat is the only purpose made life saving automatic floatation device made to fit paramotors. It also fits trikes, paragliding harnesses, hang gliders.

The volume for flotation is larger than a life vest typically 150N to 275N of bouancy & larger than any competition systems.

The Ushape Powerfloat specifically designed to fit a paramotor frame with a massive 420N of bouancy. Automatic and manual inflation. Optimum position for maximum safety & comfort £190

The 2Bsure with a size of 150N per half for a total of 300N gives substantial bouyancy in a discrete design which can be adapted to fit in various ways and on different applications. £215

The 2Bsure XL a size of 450N per half for a total of 900N the pair. Suitable for tandem and trikes, hang gliders £235

Power Float Life saver for PPG

Easy fit, Light weight, High Volume

15 grams

Full of Features:

USB charging

10cm -


Head Phones

Loud Speaker

7 Days Battery Life

Fairhaven Micro Vario

Latest Digital pressure sensors. £79

· High resolution altimeter

· QNH with pressure setting

· QNE reference

· Altitude and max/mins

· Metres & Feet or mixed

· Loud sensitive accurate vario

· Threshold and damping settings

· Vario max/mins

The Fairhaven Micro Alti is tiny at only 37mm and 28grams, it is full featured and clear to see with excellent screen layout.

Altimeter, Fuel tank timer & Variometer are my favourite features, but thats only 3 of the 13 features!!

Simple and quick operation of settings and screen displays, it is a joy to use.


Micro Alti


Probably the best Paramotor instrument you will ever buy.

E-Props Plug’n’Fly

The lightest chute with a useable weight capacity, this tiny 1.2kg pack offers 5.1m/s at 125kg

Powerfloat Paramotor Water Rescue System

Fairhaven Micro Alti-Vario

· Automatic flight timer

· Clock

· Stopwatch

· Fuel Tank Timer Alarm

· Temperature

· Barometer with trend indicator

· Electronic serial number

· Audio headphone output

· Long Lithium battery life

· USB charger

· Size: 37x37mm

· 28 grams!


Plug’n’fly from E-Prop, the same high efficiency, same low moment of inertia, reduced torque, light weight, low noise, fast accelerating, refined balance, everything you expect from E-Props but with a simple 2 part jigsaw fit.

Fully strength tested to beyond expected tolerances, unique carbon stringer, 100% carbon construction, honeycomb reinforced.

Enquire with us about testing and feel the difference.

With over 200 propellers available, we have you covered check below for your engine.

Compared to other props we have tested, the e-prop is substantially quieter at level flight, with improved economy and more total thrust.

The e-prop goes further and offers up less torque and faster acceleration along with a cooler running engine all while saving some weight.

Know your all up weight, choose your chute. Easy as 1,2,3..

The Ozone Angel is a popular Paramotor pilot choice. 140kg fits in with many pilots, 2kg chute just fits in the Sup’Air side pod container, plus the price is very competitive.





Independent reserve test video below comparing Round, Square, Rogallo

link> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIH3mcnK_Jc

Why e-Prop?

660 grams total weight, the eprop is almost half that of other carbon props at 1100-1200 grams.

Lighter but not weaker, the 100% carbon wrap is superior in strength and durability.

Lighter means faster engine spool up, giving greater performance. Reduced torque twist, reduced gyroscopic effect. An over weight saving on your paramotor the furthest point on your back. Less swing weight.

The carbon construction allows a very high aspect ratio prop, allowing high pitch giving more thrust at lower rpm which in turn will reduce your rpm at level flight, saving fuel and reducing noise.