“Revo3 the ultimate leisure wing”

“GTX the cross-country all-rounder”

“GTS the fun slalom game-changer”

“Rokit the hybrid tandem”

23m, 26m, 29m

22m, 24m, 26m

16m, 19m, 22m

36m tandem

Rokit 36 - £3400

GTS all sizes - £3150

GTX all sizes - £3050

Revo3 all sizes  - £2950

The Revo3 is a pure beginner/intermediate powerglider, combining all the proven elements of the Paramania range – safety, performance, technology, stability and usability.

The Revo3 has been in the pipe lines for several years and is the result of intense testing and multiple prototypes, this wing is a more refined version than the classic.

- Even easier launching
- Fun handling 
- New leading edge technology
- Trailing edge Air jetting
- Large speed range
- New more effective wing tip steering system
- Improved roll stability & overall inflight comfort in turbulence
- Generally easier to use.




Beginner / Intermediate Reflex Powerglider

The GTX is made for comfortable, fast cruising over long distances, whilst handling rough air with minimum need of pilot input.

The GTX is exceptionally easy to launch, it will simply get you off the ground quickly and efficiently every time.

The risers and trimmer system give a wide range of speed, whilst maintaining precise light handling.Upon command; the GTX can easily be slowed up for flatter turns and thermal efficiency.

In addition to the Paramania CLE* system the GTX has the latest laminar flow MCJ reflex wing sections and include an integrated drag reduction system; a series of carefully placed holes that equalize pressure at the trailing edge giving minimal power differences between the fast and slow speeds, flatter polar curves and increased efficiency.

Since the introduction of this new technology, Paramania finds its self, once again at the fore front of re-evaluating wing sizing. The smaller sizes of our wings today are giving as much lift as the bigger sizes of yesterday and with the added benefits of easier launching, better handling and overall increased stability. Wing sizing is becoming related more to pilot skill level than ever before!

Paramania have always set a bench mark of the highest possible standards of build quality and structural strength. To follow the new direction our sport is now taking it has become even more important. Which is why the Paramania/MCJ design and engineering, puts the GTX and all our latest wings into a class of their own.

GTX Intermediate / Cross Country

GTX, PPG weight Range

S 22m,   80-160kg

M 24m,  90-170kg

L 26m,   100-190kg

Cells 54

Trim Slow 46 kmh

Trim Fast 56 kmh

Max Speed 63+ kmh

L/D 8:1

Sink trim slow =1.6

trim fast =2.7






Revo3, PPG weight Range, PG (en)

S 23m,   60-120kg,  60-80kg
M 26m,  70-160kg,  70-100kg (en B)
L 29m,   80-185kg,  80-120kg

Cells 46

Trim Slow 30 kmh

Trim Fast 51 kmh

Max Speed 65 kmh

L/D 8:1

Sink Min=1

trim off=1.2 to 1.9

Max Speedbar=3

Introducing the GTS. A major game changer, whilst remaining the safest wing that a professional pilot can have in any slalom competition or flying display.

Pro slalom – show wing


With the GTR  now established as the ultimate intermediate / advanced Paramotor wing for pilots wanting to get into dynamic flying, whilst leading the way in paramotor freestyle and fun slalom flight.

The GTS has been designed exclusively with the pro-pilot in mind, for those who seek mainly to focus on serious slalom flying competitions and show events.

The GTS is quite the opposite philosophy from any of our competitors. It has a low aspect ratio and short wing span. It is fast and highly manoeuvrable with super reactive controls and snappy roll rate. A totally new Paramania reflex wing section allows for greater angle of attack changes whilst maintaining maximum collapse resistance and a surprising performance curve.  Combined with new innovative Paramania risers, reactive speed system and pilot friendly toggles.  The GTS provides pilots with a major competitive advantage with legendary levels of Paramania fun and safety.

The GTS is DGAC certified and available in 3 sizes 16m2, 19m2 & 22m2

16m (projected 14.5m), 50Kg - 110Kg
19m (projected 15.9m), 60Kg -130Kg
22m (projected 18.4m), 70Kg - 140Kg

Cells 54

Full slow 25 kmh

Trim Fast 58 kmh

Max Speed 67+ kmh

A/R 4.5

Rokit 36 Pros :

- Easy inflation
- Lighter controls
- Fun and safe handling 
- Incredible economy 
- Very large speed range
- Paramania stability
- Delivered with foot launch and trike riser's
- Can be flown slower

The Rokit has a very large weight range so it's difficult to give you Mini - Maxi speed. Fully loaded the Rokit can fly at 85 Km/h.

The Rokit glider is 36m, it has 58 cells, it can be flown solo or tandem. Aspect Ratio 5.22 and a flat projected area of 30.5m

PPG foot launch weight range :

120 - 250 Kg

PPG trike launch weight range :

120 - 350 Kg

We have integrated new WTS system, Trailing edge air vents, fast inflation & easy launch.

Hybrid Tandem wing


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